My next exhibition starts on saturday, august 31 at AID Berlin. Doors open at 7 pm,
you are very welcome! Click here for more Information:

My new book "Die Wiese" just came out at Beltz & Gelberg. This picture book explores nature. Large illustrations zoom into the meadow from a look over a buzzards wing to a close view of a wasps nest. The book comes with more than 100 animal illustrations and many facts on flora and fauna. Purchase here:

Die Wiese

I am continuously working on "Die Wiese" (The Meadow). It will be a "rich picture book" (yes, it deserves the name) on natures life in grasslands, I really learned a lot while working on it! And never before I drew so many animals. The book will be published this summer by Beltz & Gelberg.


"Can I colour this in?" One of my screenprints is now available for free download on

Solo Exhibition at Buchsegler

My Solo Exhibition at Buchsegler in Berlin has just started! I´ve created six paintings on old windows and one piece for display on the shop window. Visitors are welcome from Tuesday till Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm. The Buchsegler is one of Germanys best independent bookstores for children and youth books.

Schönheit, Glanz, Wahn...

"Schönheit, Glanz, Wahn, Richard Wagner und die Magie der Musik" has just been released by Bloomsbury, Berlin. I´ve drawn five double page spreads for the book, here is an early stage of one illustration.

Der König von Berlin

"Der König von Berlin", the "King of Berlin" is the new Crime Novel by writer and comedian Horst Evers that has just been released. I´ve drawn a spooky Subway-Scene for the cover.


In der Ausstellungsreihe "StrichStärke" stellt der Verein Literarisches Dresden e.V. und die Botschaft für gute Literatur und schöne Bücher im Kulturhaus Loschwitz zeitgenössische Illustratoren vor. Am 2. Juni eröffne ich meine erste Ausstellung in diesem schönen Rahmen.
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